Simple, Secure, Private

ONcast is designed to be super easy to use. There's nothing to download as it runs completely in the browser.

We provide end-to-end encryption for all audio, video, and text message streams using AES-GCM and 256-bit keys. At no point can the streams be decrypted by anyone who is not in possession of the access key, including the ONcast servers.

All meeting room communications are 100% private. ONcast does not identify, log, track, or share user activity. And we do not use cookies.

No-fuss, Pay-Per-Use Pricing

A meeting room can hold up to 16 participants, and is free for 1-on-1 meetings. Meetings with three or more participants get five free minutes.

Additional time can be added at anytime

15 Minutes $1.00 USD
30 Minutes $1.50 USD
1 Hour $2.00 USD
2 Hours $3.00 USD

ONcast was programmed by Josh Baker